Kenyan Foods

  • Chai
  • Chapati
  • Dan Goo- lentils and tomatoe mixture
  • Tusky’s Coconut Scones
  • Yogurt Drinks!
  • Sakuma
  • Cachumbari- avocado, tomatoes, and cilantro


  • City Park- bring bananas and peanuts and you will be attacked by monkeys!
  • Uhuru park
  • Arburetum Park- varieties of trees and many pastors practicing their sermons on Saturday afternoons
  • Goldmines Foundation- Hosts art, drama, dance, music, sports, leadership clubs throughout the week
  • The Village Market- piano music, unique shops, movie theater, waterslides, minigolf


Favorite resturaunts-

  • Kings Cafe- Kibera, on Olympic
  • Mathare restaurant in Ajip
  • Eastleigh Etheopian Resturaunt
  • Healthy Foods resturaunt on Kimathi Street, in city
  • Cake Plaza- great selection of baked goods
  • Prestige Food Court- you get all the menus, of all the resturaunts, and then each person decides what they want. The African Resturaunt has the best Chai

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