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A Wooden Block, Wire, and a Pantyhose


What to make from a piece of wood, some wire, and a pantyhose? My kids would tell you they can make a scultpure…and a pretty impressive one at that! I found ideas for this sculpture online and decided that this will be their final project for the class.

So last week we talked about how things are hidden. I linked up our talk with Collosians 3:2-3 which “Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth. For you have died, and your life is hidden with Christ in God.” This is their memory verse for this upcoming week and so far I have been impressed by the children’s enthusiasm and dedication to memorizing our verses each week.

After reading the verses we broke them down alittle bit more: what are “things above”? what are “earthly things”? Why is the Bible saying that we are dead when we obviously are not? How are our lives hidden in Christ?

This is where our scultpure came in…

I took the block of word saying “this is God, our foundation, the solid rock we should be standing on.”

Then I took the wire… “this wire is like us…standing on God as our foundation” Then I stuck the wire in 2 holes on the board.”But when lets think of some sins that we do, some ‘earthly things’ and when we do these things we get knocked around. Lets say I steal and piece of candy” (then I knock my wire “person” to one side) “or I decide to talk about someone to another person” (I bend a notch in the wire) “or I lie so that others will think good of me” (I twist the wire downward). I explained, “So we are still standing on our foundation of God but sin is really messing us up, pulling us down, and hurting us and hurting our relationship with God.”

Then I take the stocking. “This stocking is Jesus.” (I start pulling the stocking over the wire, bit by bit, and then even wrapping it over and around the block of wood at the bottom. “Because sin was hurting our relationship with God, God sent His son Jesus to cover us, hide us, so that when God looks at us now He doesn’t see this bent up piece of wire, but he sees Jesus instead; He sees something beautiful.”

This week my kids worked on bending their pieces of wire in unique shapes, pulling the stocking over top to create a 3-D sculpture, and then painting the stocking with glue so that the form will become hard. Next week my kids will paint their sculptures and we will look for a place to display!