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Interns come to Kenya!


CTM is hosting 3 interns right now so that means a few things for me:

  • I get to be a tourist
  • Meet and get to know these 3 crazy guys
  • I add another thing to my responsibilities for the next few weeks
  • The interns can help me with Saturday art classes
  • Gideon and I can decide that we want to start a paper-making initiative and point to them to start it!

Having Dan, Yoki, and Johnathan here, from Seattle, WA, has been refreshing and fun. Last week Shem and I took them on tours of Kibera, Mathare, Kawangware, and the City. We ate fish and stood on top of the second tallest building in Nairobi! The guys love to play Settlers of Catan, try weird food, play with kids, and play the guitar. Yoki brought his unicycle, Johnathan plays soccer, and Dan in intrigued by the Swahili language- a very interesting trio! The interns will be working in the informal settlements for 2 months, helping with various programs, including art classes, camp, network meetings, and the paper-making project!