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  1. Kaylie, You wrote so well about your days in Nairobi already, and the days leading up to this. I am so proud of you, my daughter. I know that you do not want to call this a big step, but in my heart I think you are brave and full of a good, open, tender heart and there are so many other things you could be doing. But you are choosing this to do. And I know that in this, God your Father, is pleased. And I am reminded again, how you, as a little girl, kept asking ,wanting to see Jesus…and how Mother teresa always said that she saw Jesus in the faces of poorer people. Perhaps right now, that is how the Lord is showing himself to you. I am praying that as you are in the slums, you will see Jesus and trust His power to use you in love to touch even just one life. I am praying for your protection from discouragement at the depth of the pain and need. I know that you are, right now, in a place that is very dear to God, himself. So He is very near. I wish, only, that I could be there with you, working beside you…because I always think that we are a great team!! I so loved reading your blog, honey. Let me know very specific things to pray about, even if they are very small things, or worrisome things. I love you so dearly…Momma

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