The word Uwazi means “openness” or “emptiness”. The students we will be assisting will come to us empty-handed. Their backgrounds will be from slum areas and little economic resource or stability. However, as is evident in the positive perspectives and huge dreams, these students that we might think as empty, are just open. Openness is a wonderful attribute which can empower “empty” students to fill themselves with dreams, wisdom, and knowledge eagerly and quickly. By helping these students in the impossible task of raising money for university education we are encouraging them to have an open spirit; one that can dream impossible things and then achieve that dream.

      Though many are short on money, few are lacking dreams and aspirations in Kenya. Kenyan students are hardworking and based on the increase in numbers of people who have been able to get higher levels of education, it shows that education is highly valued. In order to equip and empower students to raise their own fees for their education we will design a website that will bridge the gap between Kenyan students and consumers who would like to help students through school and purchase photos taken by the students.

While few youth from the slums own a camera, most everyone knows someone who does. We will ask the student to begin to build a profile on the website by submitting photos of objects that are in the shape of letters. After working with a particular student for a little while we will discuss the arrangement of funding the student to get their own camera. Once the student has a webpage with information about themselves and their photography; photos can be viewed, chosen, and arranged into spelling different words by the online customer. 

Click HERE to view the full business proposal!

Or, for a shortened version, here is pages 1 and 2 of a brochure about Uwazi.


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