Kwawangware Art Camp- Day 1


The following thursday, exactly one week after the Kibera Art Camp, we were prepared and ready once again to do an identical art camp setup for children of a different community. Alfred Onyango, a local pastor who leads a church and a school (Greater Love Ministries) in the slums, agreed to host the camp in order to reach out to members in his local community. By partnering with a local church, the church took on responsibility of find classroom spaces for our artists to work, identifying and recruiting children in the community, and organizing for lunches to be prepared. As artists, It was our responsibility to just show up and teach!

We began assembly in a small church that had donated the space for the camp and about two hundred children flooded in underneath the corrugated metal roof. We sung songs, introduced the first of the three memory verses about love, and talked to the children about a particular aspect of love. I then led my first class to another building where we taught a 2 hour class about shading and sketching; quite similar to the lesson taught the previous week. A lunch of rice and beans interrupted our lesson, which, for many children, was a huge treat in two ways… 1) many of them do not eat three meals a day, but instead they will eat two or even just one in the evening.     2) Rice is a special food that children eat during holidays and special occasions because it is more expensive.  After lunch we had a second group of children come in and we taught another class on shading before sending them to closing assembly and then dismissing until the following day.


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