Kawangware Celebration!


The final day is always the most exciting. For teachers, this is the day that you intensely prepare one of your classes for a presentation and the student are eager to show off their new artistic skills in front of their peers. In the morning leading up to this particular celebration however, I was trapped in Kibera working on the murals. Although the children did well during the shading class, once they actually sketched out a piece of the portrait, some of the children did not do so well. This meant a few extra hours for me, piecing together a puzzle of scattered images in order to connect them together and form the unified image of a face. After doing this on both murals I then laminated each square so that in the future this mural will be protected and durable, yet easily transportable!

I arrived to Kawangware in the early afternoon and was greeted by my children from Inspiration Center! This was wonderful! The children that I teach each week in Mathare are the closest to my heart (all 50 of them!) and I think they know that because if they come up to me asking for sweets or a snack I cannot resist denying them. Inspiration Center had come to show their support for the camp and perform a few dances during the celebration.

So after lunch we headed down to a small open space in a very public area outside. With generators and sound equipment hooked up, We began our presentations! It is hard to describe the feeling and how proud I get during these moments of sitting back and watching these talented children perform. But it is definitely the highlight and capstone of camp. So I decided to capture moments of our celebration for you all to see! Enjoy the Celebration…

Here are a few more pictures…


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