Kawangware Art Camp- Day 2


I walked into camp in rubber boots on the second day because the rainy season has been very bad this year and the result is a lot of mud! But mud and rain did not seem to deter volunteers or children in the least, and our numbers just increased on Day 2. I had about thirty children per class and this day is when we discussed what a mural in and who in our lives has been a hero to us (ie shown genuine love). We introduced Mother Theresa and Wangari Mathai to the children, as two heros whom we would like to commemorate by creating a portrait mural of each of them. The children did well, although compared to the Kibera group they definitely struggled more.









In addition to my own class, it seemed like all the other classes were running smoothly as well. Everyone knew their responsibility and was taking it very seriously. I was then able to focus completely on my thirty children classroom and work with the other two mural art teachers while trusting that the other classes were operating like they should.


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