Kibera Art Camp – Day 1


Mural Drawing Class

The first day in Kibera went very well. We had about 100 children arrive on this first day, which was a good number to begin with, and in general I felt like this year we were better organized and equipped to better handle the children we had… qualitiy triumphed over quality!

We had about 25 artists that each were assigned various classes (as teachers or assistants), then a pastor and youth leader who really drove home the concept of Love to the children, cooks, ect.

Drama Class

Drama Class

During the first day of Mural Drawing we had a morning class and an afternoon class. In both classes the children were given paper, and an HB and 2B pencil. We started by teaching the difference between the two pencils by having the children do experiment drawings and tell us what the difference is between the two.

Music and Dance Class

The children learned to shade, blend, and do cross-hatching on a value scale going from very dark to very light.

Fashion Class

At the end of the class we gave the children a picture of a person with boxes (labeled 1,2,3,4) at the bottom of the page. They were to shade box #4 the darkest, then #3 lighter, #2 even lighter, and #1 lightest.Then they were to look on the face and whatever parts were labeled a certain number they would shade accordingly! It turned out cool and by the end of class the children had done a lot of shading!

Creative Writing Class


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