Kibera Art Camp: Training Day


Last Tuesday the artists gathered at CTM from 9 am to 3 pm for an all day training. During the training we covered the BuildaBridge Classroom Model for lesson planning and teaching. About twenty artists sat in the rows of chairs we had lined up as I stood in front to teach on topics like what is a ritual?; How do you make a safe space for a child in the classroom?; What are the four goals that I should have when writing a lesson plan?; What are the objectives that I must have to meet my classroom goals?; How do I teach love through art?… After covering the components of a lesson plan, the artists decided which art forms they would teach and divided into classes groups, which represented the five classes. It was decided that our five classes would be drama, dance, creative writing, mural drawing, and fashion. Once divided each group wrote two lesson plans per class, so that our children would pass through the same two classes for two days in a row and then the third day we would focus on preparation and presenting at the celebration. This training was for both artists involved in the Kawangware and the Kibera art camps.


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