Australian Animals











Australian animals include Dingo, Koala, Kangaroo, Platypus, Echidna, and Emu. After learning about each animal, discussing differences, and seeing photos of each, my children from Kawangware and Mathare chose their favorite and practiced drawing the animal. First in pencil, the children made practice drawings, then after seeing their initial drawings they graduated to oil pastel and were instructed to do the same drawing on a heavier paper, using oil pastel only. Once they finished this drawing they brought their papers to me and we dipped each in a bucket of black ink water. I could tell the children were impressed when I heard them gasp in surprise as we pulled a dark black paper from the black water- revealing only the vibrate color of the oil pastel, which repelled the ink water. They looked pretty cool- even cooler than my jet black fingers that took me 3 days to scrub and de-stain!


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