Mwachengo in his new uniform at his new school!

Another boy is able to go to school because of generousity and God’s providence.  Mwachengo lost his parents to HIV aids a few years ago and now, at age 20, he is left, along with his brothers and sisters, to care for themselves. Mwachengo’s older brother has taken on the role of getting a job to provide finances for the family, but Mwachengo has had a deep desire to return to secondary school and complete his high school education, even though he has passed the age most teens would do this. Not only will this benefit this boy who is eager to learn, but it will benefit his siblings who are left without family, support, and resources that many of us have because we have relational connections.

School supplies that we were able to buy for Mwachengo!

As a leap of faith Mwachengo entered school by only paying 2,000 shillings (20 dollars) and with only one uniform (which he would be wearing all the time since it is boarding school). He did not know where the rest of his school money would come from, but since being there for one month he has now been connected to a sponsor and his mind can concentrate on school

Mwachengo's school

rather than how he will pay! He also was able to buy school supplies, and another uniform. Thank you all for the generosity and love that you have shown me and the people I have gotten to know in Kenya. This is just one of many examples of how people have reached out to help.

There are many children who struggle to pay for their school fees in Kenya, however so many have a strong and noble desire to complete their secondary education. Please pray for these children. There are a few more that I know of as well, if you are able and feel God leading you to help.

Julia is one little girl who is still looking for someone to sponsor her through school for the next 4 years. She has entered into her first year, however he family does not have enough money for school fees in order to keep her there. Please pray that God will provide for this girl and that the school will not ask her to leave because she cannot pay. If you are interested in helping Julia, let me know and I can send you the details.

Julia is in her first year of secondary school.


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