…Greater Love than this…


…that He gave up his life for… children?

Yes, Jesus was always welcoming  the littlest and most insignificant person to come sit with Him so that He could affirm them and show love to them.

Shem, Kazi, and I went to visit a friend of mine today who has been serving children for four years now. Pastor Alfred and his wife Mary called what they do Greater Love Ministries and they have a school ranging from preschool to fourth grade for children whose families cannot even afford uniform for their child, much less the small costs it takes to send them even to a public school. Alfred is such a warm, playful man that it is easy to see how his heart has touched many more than just his own 3 daughters. Alfred began this ministry from his one-room corrugated metal church, deep inside the Kawangware slum. The church members are around ten and yet with the support of his wife (who is the main teacher) and his congregation, they are providing about one hundred children education who would otherwise not have opportunity to go to school.

We went to play with the children and talk with Pastor Alfred more about his vision and ministry for these children and so I want to share what he told us, with you…

Great Love Ministries’ dream is to build another corrugated metal and timber room so that the children can be better divided into their classes. For a church of ten this dream has been increasingly voiced in faithful prayers to God, trusting that it will become a reality.  Although raising money is difficult between the these 10 believers who struggle to meet the needs of their own family’s, the church does have a small piece of land in front that would allow them to build.

If they got another room the 3 teachers, 100 children, 15 benches (used for desks and seats), and 2 blackboards can be divided, and organized into two rooms rather than one!

Although having a room built to teach the children was the most pressing prayer of this pastor, let me share with you other need that I saw:

  • repairing the concrete floor ( the benches cannot even stand straight because of how corroded the floor is)
  • lunch feeding program- Alfred said that only some of the children bring their lunches to school, others go home for lunch, and some may not have anything to eat.
  • Income generating project- I have seen this work amazingly at the Inspiration Center in Mathare… just providing initial money to start a business (fruit stand, barber shop, photocopier, etc) can employ people, provide skill training, and begin to bring in a small amount of money the can gradually increase so that the ministries running are able to self sustain.
  • Teaching supplies- with only 2 blackboards and few books, 100 children can find it very challenging.

The cost to build a room is less than $500.00… just throwing that out there.

May God work through your prayers.


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