She looks good in Maroon


We didn’t have  the total amount of money to even get to the school and back this Monday when Emily was packing her things. I had not received my monthly funding yet and literally had about 10 dollars (800 shillings) left to get me by. Although her amazingly kind sponsor had sent us the money we thought we would need for her school fees, we soon realized that the first term was way more expensive because for boarding its like going off to college- you have certain required items you must buy and bring. Anyways- God works miracles and although I was biting my nails and feeling silly that Shem and I were pretending that we had the money to take Emily on the 3 hour trip outside of the city- I got a call early Monday morning as we were preparing to leave and now all of Emily’s first term expenses have been paid for!

It wasn’t till 4 pm that we pulled up to the school and helped Emily to register her things and get dressed into her new school uniform. I am so amazed at the courage of this girl and so proud of her for going back to school! The sad thing was when we had to leave, say goodbye, and knowing that unless I can work it out to come visit, I will not see Emily until her school break in May! But please pray for her- that God will be her constant comfort and peace; that she will make good friendships; that God will open her mind to knowledge and wisdom through this education and experience; and that she will work hard and feel like her hard work is reflected in good grades.


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