Children who know Education is their answer


Dear Friends,

I have just recently learned of two children that are urgently in need of help with their school fees. Both are orphaned, but in two different parts of the country. Let me tell you about them both and if you are able to help, please let me know!

Mwachengo Landi is a 17 year old boy who lives with his brother (18 years old) in a small village on your way to the coast, called Tanzania (not to be confused with the country!). His brother is the bread winner of their family and does casual labor in order to support his five other siblings. Their died of HIV Aids almost ten years ago. Mwachengo was able to complete his primary education because in Kenya it is not very expensive, however he wants to go to secondary, yet he has no money.  The school fees, because he is starting, will be more expensive for this term because it is boarding (this is normal in Kenya) and so because he needs initial school supplies, uniform, books, etc the first year is about 500 dollar for everything. However in the following 3 years (it will be four years til he completes) the fees will be less because he wont have to buy uniform, beddings again. He would be very grateful in your assistance. If you are moved to help and committed to walk with this boy through school I can connect you by sharing school results, pictures, and sending letters from  Mwachengo.

Irene Othiambo is a thirteen year old girl who lives in Kisi area, which is western Kenya. I have learned a bit about this girl from an older lady who is caring for the girl since he parents recently died, however the older woman is unable to pay for school fees. Irene is in her last year of primary school and then would like to continue to secondary. The older lady (visiting Nairobi right now) will let me know the cost of school fees once returns to her home and asks Irene for the amounts. This will include uniform and school supplies. Even if you cannot help financially, please pray for these 2 children who so desire education. Again, if you can help I can arrange a way to share Irene’s photos, letter, and school reports with you.




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