Emily goes to school


The Lord has worked through so many people in order for this girl to get a chance to complete her secondary education. After finding and contacting her old sponsor through facebook, Emily (21 years) and I asked him if he would agree to help her pay her school fees again so that she could return to school, which has been her dream for the last 5 years since she has been out. He said yes! So after that it was our job to find a school. God used my housemate and close friend, Kazi, and she introduced us to a lady in town named Jane. Jane is a principle who has connections with another school 2 hours outside of Nairobi in Sultan Hamud. Overlooking Emily’s low marks in school, Jane agreed to help us put Emily back in school. She referred us to her friends at Elerai MCK Girls Secondary School and sends us there carrying a recommendation letter for Emily to present to the school. Last Monday Emily and I set off to go for an interview and praying that she would be accepted. On arrival to Sultan Hamud Emily and I took a taxi through arid Maasai land, seeing a lot of cattle herds and Maasai wrapped in red cloth. The school was 25 km outside of the town, set on a hill.

On arrival we were told the school would only accept students with high marks. Emily and I were pretty disappointed but were able to talk to the headmaster before leaving. However, when Emily and I went in to speak with the headmaster the tone changed from that of the admissions officer we had talked to. She encouraged Emily despite her low scores and told her she would need to work very hard in her studies to keep up, yet expressed faith in Emily’s abilities to keep up with other students. When she finally invited Emily to become a student at the school I was overjoyed and Emily says her knees almost gave out! the moment we stepped out of that room Emily let out a huge gasp in the shape of the biggest smile I have ever seen. She got a bit teary saying that she had been dreaming of this day for five years and now that it had finally come she couldn’t believe it. We drove back that night thanking God and wondering at how he used so many people to make sure Emily would go back to school.

So next Monday we go again… this time I will give her a hug goodbye and leave her at the school in her new white and maroon uniform. You know, she wants to become a veterinarian. I am so proud of this girl!


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