Pluck the Day


Carpe Diem. This phrase popped into my head today as I sat down eating chai and arrowroot and reflected on my morning. I was so contented. I cant even understand myself, why it is, but I felt so good. The morning was typical for Kenya, but I guess I had forgotten how much I love what I do.

Now I have decided to begin my day with a routine. maybe this contributed to my contented feelings?

Wake up,  drink a glass of water, jump rope in the courtyard until I can’t breath, read the bible and drink a smoothie, shower, get ready for whatever the day brings…

this day brought writing letters to fundraise for the art camp coming up in April, meeting with Celtra arts organization, exchanging money in order to give to an arts group for the products they sold, promoting an arts group who just recently started putting their jewelry products in a local boutique, talk with many, hugging many, talking the buildabridge about wirting a grant, making plans to visit a school with a friend who is finally finishing her highschool education after many years of being away, making chapati, drinking chai, reading swahili, starting a new book, going to bed.

Carpe literally means ‘pluck’ and refers to plucking fruit when it is ripened. Plucking sounds relaxed, peaceful, an action of ease. This phrase describes my day and days to come I hope- let me pluck the day while it is full, juicy, full of flavor, ripe, rich, vibrant, dripping with flavor… may you pluck all of your days.



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