Portrait Mural Process


For four days I taught kids ages 7 to 18. Since our theme was Love we looked at 4 heroes whose lives reflected love. These four included Mother Theresa, Gandhi, Wangari Maathai, and Salim (an eight year old boy who passed away earlier this year. Each class of children was educated about one of the Love Heroes during the week; we talked about their life, read about them, and finally each child participated in drawing a portrait of the hero.

For the drawing part, during the first day we passed out 2 different shades of pencil and a worksheet which helped the children understand what an HB pencil is verses a B5 pencil. We went over shading exercises and then I passed out a small square which was a portion of our portrait so that they could practice shading what they saw in the box. We discussed  value, types of shading, and types of pencils  on the first day and the children did a rough draft of their little square piece of the portrait.

The second day each child was given their square back again and this time they did the final copy. With an eight inch by eight inch square the children carefully drew what they saw on their small square.

Once collected I laminated each square and fit each square in place, just like a puzzle, in order to create a 20- square mural! 2 are still in the process, but 2 are finished so far and the kids have something to be proud of.


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