Mathare Children go to Mombasa


Last week, the day after I landed from Rwanda, I took a bus for 8 hours- straight to Mombasa! I got there late Saturday evening, just in time for dinner and to get a huge hug from so many of my kids! They were eating meet and ugali for dinner and for the rest of the trip they had meat twice a day, every day! I had missed the first day of classes because of the flight delay from Rwanda to Nairobi, but from Sunday until Tuesday I was the mural teacher with 4 different classes of children.

Each day the children attended classes from 9-12:30, after they had eaten breakfast, had assembly, and devotions in the morning. Devotions included lots of praise and worship, dancing, singing, testimonies, followed by a short message. Then breakfast, then assembly, where we discussed the theme of love, sung songs about love, and discussed biblical aspects of love (1st Corinthians 13). The children were even divided into groups during camp, each having a group leader and named a certain aspect of love (such as selfless, humility, hopefulness).

During the afternoons after lunch, the children were taken to the ocean or Haller Wildlife Park, then return, shower, dinner, and movies and talent show in the evenings!


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