Congo Mural Class, Day 2


On the second day of our class we began to problem solve a bit. The rooms had been too small to accommodate all 50 women comfortably  on day 1 and I wasn’t able to be in all rooms at once. So we moved locations to a big grassy space in the hospital grounds. As the women gathered, still circling up into the groups they had formed the day before, I asked for one woman from each group to share what she had drawn the previous day. Each woman then got another piece of paper and I asked them to draw their first initial across the whole page. Then their assignment was to draw the future- what they hope will happen in the next few years and their vision for their lives and their families. This assignment was in preparation for the next day when we would actually paint the panels. The second part of our class involved a paint mixing exercise. We talked about primary and secondary colors and then each group received paints and brushes to practice mixing 2 primary colors in order to discover what secondary color would come. The women really enjoyed learning the vocabulary and technicality of mixing the paints with certain formula in order to make a different color.


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