Coming to Congo


Bukavu, Congo... overlooking Lake Kivu

Taking off for Rwanda

Here I am in Congo. Yesterday I was in Rwanda; the day before, Burundi; the day

before, Kenya. It has taken a long time to get to this destination… Bukavu, Congo, is just across the border from Rwanda. Shem and I took a plane on Novemeber 18th which eventually landed us in Rwanda, then took a drive the next day through the “Country of 1,000 Mountains” and after 2 people puking in the car and 6 hours later we arrived at the border. After some convincing as to why I didnt have a Congo visa from the US, they let me through. Now we are staying at a lady’s home in Bukavu who works for an organization called Women in Warzones. This week a group of artists will be traveling to the Panzi hospital and work with groups of women doing artmaking projects and training social workers in art therapy techniques. I am working with a group of women from the WAMU project who have suffered trauma from the war conflict in this area.

Rwanda from the air... the country of 1000 hills

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