My Work in Kenya


This time around my work here in Kenya is slightly different… I am still doing the art camps, still teaching a class in Mathare, and still working with art groups HOWEVER the way in which I approach these 3 areas is different. For the art camps, I am facilitating and consulting and encouraging artists from the group itself to take the lead roles. In Mathare I take 2 hours after the art class to train 2 artists on how to teach children and plan lesson plans according to the Buildabridge curriculum. Thirdly, art groups. This time around I have not been initiating the arts groups to come together but instead am changing focus and going to visit each arts group once per week in order to work directly with each arts group on specific initiatives that they have dreamed up! Mathare takes Saturdays with my class and training the artists; Celtra is moving into high school classrooms through after school teen empowerment programs so I am writing a curriculum and facilitating planning meetings in order to prepare the group; Goldmines is fundraising for a Mass Peace Choir that travels throughout Kenya spreading hope and advocating for peace just before next year’s election; Kreative Generations of Kawangware requests me to speak and train artists on various topics every Wednesday morning (marketing and packaging products, saving as a group, etc. ; and Dandora has yet to give me a dream or a task to do but I am expecting one soon. So, you see, each week is held together by the days I am visiting artists in the informal settlements and this glue of constant interactions with the artists makes the weeks go very fast!


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