Marketing and Selling Artist’s Products


The longer I work with individual artists and arts groups I realize that there is one thing that can impact not only one life, but an entire family; economic empowerment! I have heard and seen such longing and hope in people that they may find a stable place to work, which will then allow them to live a comfortably decent life with those they hold most dear. For the artists I work with, many whom are still too young to have families, economic empowerment and assistance is something so tangible that can change their lives from all directions. This is a way I want to contribute to the lives of the people I am working with in the informal settlements.

So now is when I am exploring ways to find niches for my artists….guest houses to agree to sell the products, international opportunities of jewelry sales, and creating a virtual shop on to experiment in how well received the artist’s work is appreciated by others. Each new idea and initiative is just another stab in the dark for me. I am then able to see which strategies are most effective and then go from there! Then I get to wondering… should I go back to school for Socioeconomics?


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