Maono Initiative


This week I introduced the arts group that I work with in Kawangware to a savings program initiative that is church-based! Maono works to “bring holistic transformation – economic, spiritual, civic, and social – to marginalized people living in city slums, urban settlements, and rural areas through advocacy, training, microlending, and sustainable business development.” Their goal is ” to create opportunities that will facilitate progressive change in the community”. The way this program runs is that a group of people come together and are first required to save steadily on their own for the first 3 month and during this time a field officer will come in and observe the commitment and honesty of the members regarding how much people contribute weekly and also whether when they take our a loan from the group whether they will be faithful to pay back the loan. At the and of these trial months Maono assesses the group and will decide whether the group is able to handle paying off much bigger loans. Depending how much the group has raised, Maono will give out a loan for that group based on the money saved and loan 3 times the amount that has been raised! Then individuals in the group are able to take out a loan from the group and begin their own business or initiative. During this time then a field officer will go and visit the group each week to teach and train them in how to use the money wisely. You can visit Maono on Facebook or email ( them to find out more about this great project…I hope to connect many of the art groups I work for with this amazing opportunity!


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