Diaspora of Hope Art Camp… COMING SOON!


Dear Friends,

During the month of October the Inspiration Center is already preparing for the 4th annual Diaspora of Hope Art Camp which will take place at the end of November. The children that I teach in my Saturday art class, as well as many others are anticipating this trip with so much enthusiasm- enthusiasm that started at the end of last year’s camp and has been restless ever since! Last year, thanks to many of you who supported this initiative, 65 children went on a 5 day trip 8 hours away to participate in lessons involving drama, dance, music, poetry, and mural painting as well as got to swim in the Indian Ocean for the first time. This is the biggest event the Inspiration Center does for the children of Mathare Slum for the entire year and the only way it is possible is because of your generous support.

Many of you have already committed to sponsor just one child (50 dollars each) for this camp, but if you are interested in helping, I want to remind you about this trip the children will take in case you can contribute, it would be best to do this as soon as possible. Since last year’s camp the Inspiration Center (serving over 100 children each week just out of one tiny room in Mathare Slum) has made huge leaps of faith and God’s hand has been on this ministry. I am amazed in just one year what this group of young people has accomplished, and I can say from seeing first hand that all of these leaps of faith were ignited by the art camp last year. Going to Mombasa was such a far off dream that this accomplishment left people ready to reach higher than ever before.


Here is what God has done since last November:

–          In March they took out a loan to purchase land in a neighboring area and are now paying off the loan and planning to put apartments and a community center in this area so that the baby care ministry and other ministries for the children will be funded for from within.

–          Church on Sundays was becoming very difficult because 70 people were squeezed into a very small space and not everyone could even enter. Because of a donation from a church in the US, Inspiration Center has purchased a tent which they assemble and disassemble just outside every Sunday so that as many can come as possible!

–          A kerosene pumping business, providing low-cost kerosene for the neighbors around and providing jobs for 3 people, was started last year however the machine was very old and quite inaccurate. Inspiration was able to raise enough money to purchase a brand new pump just about a month ago

–          About 20 children are now receiving help with funding for school in their highschool education

–          By saving money through negotiating the cost of the tent for church, Inspiration added a bit of money and bought a small barbershop in town. This week they are buying a small fridge to supply cold drinks to customers. This also will provide more jobs and potential for youth to get trained in this career.

–          A board was formed for the Inspiration Center so that decisions can be made by many involved

–          A laundry business has also begun by the initiative of a few people within the Inspiration Center

Children’s Sunday School has begun before the regular church services

Inspiration Center has been able to provide the children with lunch after church on Sundays

Future Dreams:

–          To take the children to Mombasa for an art camp every year

–          To help all children who pass through the inspiration center to receive a solid education which will help them obtain the career they would want

–          To build multiple community centers and apartments

–          To build an entire gas station

–          To begin a small café

–          To provide more jobs

–          To begin a small school out of the Baby Care program that currently runs Monday-Friday

I hope you all are overwhelmed by these lists as much as me. I wish you would come to see for yourselves, but until that time comes, please include yourselves in what is happening on this side of the world, even if it is just to keep up-to-date with what this small group, mostly children, is dreaming up and then doing under Christ’s guiding hand. Please keep us in your prayers!

I have attached a flier for the Inspiration Center, if you could pass these out to raise awareness for the camp we would greatly appreciate.


Kaylie Sauter

Artist on Call, BuildaBridge International
Support one child to go to camp! Just 50 dollars will cover all expenses (food, transport, housing, art supplies)
Help us rent a bus for $1,000.00 so that we can transport everyone to and from Mombasa safely!
Make Checks To: Center for Transforming Mission and earmark check: Nairobi (Mathare Art Camp 2010)
Send Check To: CTM 902 Market Street Tacoma, WA 98402 (www.CTMnet.org) For Automatic Deposit: Please email Lana Rocke at Lanarocke@CTMnet.org

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