Political Update


Let me enlighten you on the current political situation and concerns where I am living. My biggest update for you is that we are now at war with El Shabaab, Somalian militants.

“Our territorial integrity is threatened with serious security threats of terrorism, we cannot allow this to happen at all. It means we are now going to pursue the enemy, who are the Al Shabaab, to wherever they will be, even in their country,” (Internal Security Minister George Saitoti)

This declaration of war is a response to the terrorist attacks and raids that have been made on tourists and Kenyan citizens recently and Kenya has had enough. There are threats from the Somalis that they will retaliate, which most likely would mean some grenades set off in crowded areas in town. We also still have a drought happening in the northern area of Kenya and many refugees from Somalia are now within the Kenyan boarders yet they are lacking shelter, food, ect. Please pray for the nation of Kenya, that God will bring peace out of war and that the people who are suffering because of this conflict will receive care and aid to meet their most basic needs.



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