The Devil and the Trinity


When we took our air-o-plane to North America last week my class landed in the United States and we spent the morning learning culinary art! In class, once the children arrived, we jumped right into our lesson by boiling our eggs on the jiko right up in front and center of the class. They took part in every step and so as the eggs boiled this gave me time to introduce that day’s art-making project… Deviled Eggs! I challenged my kids to think why on earth our eggs dish would be named after the devil… “Where does the devil live?”
“Describe how the Bible tells us how will be…” and eventually they stepped right into the answer- the term “deviled” refers to foods that have spices that are hot like paprika, turmeric, ect.

Once our eggs were boiled we continued with our recipe. At this point all the kids had written down the recipe in their passport books so they were instructing me what the next step and ingredients were.

  1. Boil Eggs and then cool in cold water.
  2. Peel eggs and then scoop out yellow centers.
  3. Mix yolks with 1/3 cup mayo, 2 tbspoons vinegar.
  4. Spoon mixture back into egg cups. Then sprinkle with paprika on top 

I explained about the US culture a bit and told my kids that deviled eggs is a finger food that Americans will eat during an outdoor picnic. We spread out our picnic blanket and handed each other our eggs and had juice as we began to finish the lesson. As we took our snacks though I challenged the children one more time. The conversation went like this…

“How many Gods do you worship?” “one”

“Can you tell me what are the parts of God?” “Father, Son, Holy Spirit”

“Wait, you just gave me three Gods but you said you only worship one… you guys aren’t serious! You totally worship 3 Gods, not one, Sindiyo?” (They were quite, confused, and didn’t know how to respond)
I took one of our eggs… “God is like this egg. God is one being but he has three parts- just like this egg. Each part is very different and has a separate identity, yet when I asked for an egg- you didnt bring me just the yolk, or just the shell, but you knew that the entire 3 parts make up this egg. Without the 3 parts there would be something missing. God also has 3 separate parts and yet He is one being.”

I think they liked that connection.


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