Passports to North America


The first class of our new unit of art classes…we made our passports to prepare ourselves for the next months of travel ahead. We will travel the world in 210 days, 1 month per continent. The children are ecstatic with enthusiasm! I bought a map which constantly attracts their attention and they love finding new places or tracking the journey they took last year from Nairobi to Mombasa. Now when we begin class I tell them that we are no longer in Mathare slum- we have gotten on a plane and flown halfway across the world!

We have replaced our “unga and chumvi” introductions with a new rhyme I came up with. Here it is… (repeat after me) “Around the world” (turn around)  “I’m riding in an air-o-plane” (do airplane hand motion) “Swam through the ocean”  “Jumped into the foreign land” (jump) “Walked up to a stranger man” (march in place) “And he asked me a question” (then I think of a yes/no question and ask it to my class…. such as- did you brush your teeth this morning) “This means yes” (I do a silly motion) “This means no” (I do a different silly motion) …”Here we go” – Then I point to the first child and each must answer the question that I asked just by mimicking the motion I did for yes or the motion I did for no, depending on their answer. The kids seem to like it a lot so far and it gives us a ritual to do at the beginning of class so that everyone has been able to share something with the class.

Another addition is the continent song (to the tune of “head, shoulders, knees, and toes”) and each week we will also be filling in a page on our passports as a way for the children to remember what they learned that particular Saturday.

I want to expand their horizon and stretch their imagination of possibility!


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