Throwing my kids into other cultures


I believe that experiencing new things and exploring foreign concepts and ideas is a hugely profound way to shape and mold an individual. Cross-cultural exposure has made a huge impact on my life and prepared me in ways that nothing else could. Plus trying new things is just fun and exciting- so of course I want my children to experience these same aspects of life that can shape people in profound ways, but how do I do this when we are stuck  in the slums? My answer is to bring the world to them….in the form of an expansive variety of artistic and cultural lessons combine!

I want to expose my kids to so many things and tell them that they can be, do, and experience so much in the world- things way beyond Mathare. So I have bought a map and each month we will focus on a different continent until we cover the entire world! I want to tell the children about passports, about various countries and places that are so different from Mathare, I want these children to have vision that they can experience other places first-hand and that they are not tied down to a certain place just because of where they were born, I want my kids to dream as much as they can and to experience such exciting things in our classes that they feel like they have traveled through space to a completely other world than what they are used to. This is my exciting plan for the upcoming months!


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