Returning Across the World


I have come back to a place that just a year ago was so unfamiliar and foreign and now as I have returned I am shocked at how familiar Kenya has become. I have been able to easily resettle into routines, social circles and events, work… life. Moving into my own little place has made this return even more exciting since now I can go to the markets to buy my food each day and am able to take on full responsibility and control of my life choices and routines. I am still figuring out what a “typical week” looks like in regards to my job- the only thing predictable is that it is unpredictable! However, I have develpoed a bit of a schedule, which grounds me and is good in order for me to have consistency in my life. Here’s the tentative schedule:

MONDAY- computer work at home which will set me up well for the rest of the week/ evening = chai date with my friend, Julie, who has offered to begin a mentoring relationship with me.

TUESDAY- CTM meeting at the center in Kibera at 9am; 2-3 meeting with Goldmines Foundation to discuss fundraising for a choir performance they are planning; 3:30 -5 meeting with Celtra arts group as we enter into the school systems in order to teach art.

WEDNESDAY- 9-12 in Kawangware with Kreative Generations arts group in order to assist with web design and communication as well as an artist expo that they are planning for December. My afternoons will flex, however there are a few pastors in this same area and they apprciate visits to the various children and community ministries they have. In the evening I have Biblestudy!

THURSDAY- This day has remained free so far, which is good because then I can then work on responsiblities that I have committed to work on within the arts groups, planning events, and organizing for Saturday’s art classes.

FRIDAY- This is my free day!

SATURDAY- From 9-1 I am teaching 2 art classes in Mathare! Afterwards I am meeting 2 artists from the Inspiration Center in Mathare in order to train them how to teach the children using the same teaching style which BuildaBridge taught me. They will also be involved in lesson planning for the upcoming months.

SUNDAY- Church at Nairobi Chapel or Inspiration Center and then rest!

Things that I have yet to place in time slots, which are very important, are quiet times with the Lord, exercise, violin practice, and my own personal art-making time…not that I haven’t done these things, but they do not have predictable placements in my daily schedule yet and I would wish for them to be placed less randomly and more calculated… especially my spiritual routines and then second would be exercise. Another thing that I have dropped the ball with is communication and keeping in touch back home, but this also is something that I only need to be more diligent about.


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