Dad came to Town


I arrived a few weeks ago, back to Kenya, this time with my dad! For 2 weeks I was able to show my dad around “my world” and witness him experience things for the first time that I have long gotten used to. Within these weeks together he met my boyfriend and many others who are close to me here, for the first time. He visited Kibera and Mathare slums and got to sit in on an art class that I do for my 50 children at the Inspiration Center every week. We took many walks, rode many matatus, ate ugali and chapatti, visited the archives museum, and at the very end we got to go on a 3 day Safari trip together in Masaai Mara! Another thing that he helped me to do is to move into my own apartment with one other friend. Kazi and I are waiting for a slightly larger place to become available, but in the meantime we are renting a 2 room place- one tiny bedroom and one other main room which we use for livingroom/kitchen. This has been a fun change for me- to enjoy cooking for myself and entertaining friends in my own place.


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