Training Artists for Diaspora of Hope Art Camp in Dandora


On Monday artists from Dandora gathered at PEFA Church to prepare for camp, which will officially start on Wednesday, August 3rd and run for four days, until Saturday. Dandora in an informal settlement close to Mathare and is the town dumping site, where all the garbage for the city is dumped, yet this garbage dump is also home to many people who live inside of it. This is the third arts camp that I have had the privilege and opportunity to be apart of, and the second camp that I have gotten to train artists so that they will feel prepared to teach the children. So far this has been the easiest one to prepare for since the artists of Dandora are taking charge and responsibility of the details of how this camp will be run and it is upon me to do the training, find ways to raise financial support, and support them myself by helping during the camp days. During the training we covered topics including how the camp will run, schedule, how to teach based on the 4 goals of education, spiritual, social, and artistic, how to write a lesson plan, ect. All were in line with how BuildaBridge structures the art camp model. We also discussed this year’s theme for camp, which is unity, and then the artists composed a song to teach the children the 3 concepts of unity which we will be teaching them: We Belong (day 1), Help one another (day 2), and We commit to stay (day 3). On the fourth day we will invite the community to join in and see presentations by each arts class! 

I am very excited to see what happens in the next few days of camp. We have about 11 volunteers from Dandora participating and then additional volunteers from outside this community. Tomorrow will be a busy day for sure, but also very fun!



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