Celebrating from the Mathare Rooftops!


For the past four months my young artists of Mathare have been developing their skills in sculpture. We have explored many ways to create a sculpture by using various materials, things easily found around Nairobi such as newspaper, clay made of salt and flour, cardboard, noodles, wire, wood, string, and even stockings. I have seen the children grow in their comfortability to explore the extent of the medium they are working in. 
Experimentation and creativity has emerged out of their initial inclination to conform and follow exact instruction without exploring their own unique ideas that would contribute to their own art piece. Along with leaning various types of sculpture, the children have mastered vocabulary surrounding these topics and so when we held an sculpture presentation and celebration they were eager to share these art terms with their audience of family and friends. We held a celebration on Sunday, July 24th, in the afternoon at the Inspiration Center. We had prepared previous day for this presentation and then after the children stood up and proudly shared what they have learned they were each called up and recognized for their hard work in class through a certificate of recognition and a small package of brightly colored clay.

After presenting the certificates the children took their sculptures and we all climbed to the top of the building where there is a rooftop space, looking over the Mathare community. The children proudly lined up their sculptures and people were invited to come up to view the sculptures and enjoy refreshments of cookies and juice.

I am very proud of my class of children, ranging around 40 or so in total.

Stephen tells us what secondary colors are
Lynne receives her certificate

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