10 Impossibilities and Breathing


Today, Sunday: a day to rest my head and slide my never-ending to do lists under my bed until tomorrow. I am doing a Bible study at Nairobi Chapel right now until August and so every Sunday I rush to get to the church at 8 am so that we have a 2 hour sharing time before church even begins. This has been a wonderful way to make many knew friends and share and learn from other believers. We are studying from a book called Mizizi (meaning Roots) which is required for all church members to go through and then attend a retreat at the end in order to graduate.

I have also been really inspired by the sermons recently, in which Pastor Oscar has challenged the congregation about their faith and the gaping rift between our faith in God’s provision and the resources God is waiting to pour into our laps when we call to Him in faith. A great challenge to me was last week’s sermon about the mustard seed. Here are my notes

  • Mustard seed faith doesn’t depend on ability, skill, or resources but it begins where my ability and resources end.
  • Many of us under challenge God in our faith and prayer to the point that God is getting bored
  • How is my faith challenging God? Do my prayers make God sweat?
  • We were challenged to come up with a personal list of impossible things that we want God to act on. Things that are next to impossible to become reality and yet my Pastor said these are the exact prayer that God is waiting to fulfill if only we ask. The problem is our faith only asks for small things we think God can handle, not big things that are possible for only God to do.

You can listen to the full sermon series here, called “Living on the Faith Lane.

Another insightful thing I read today that I would like to share with you was found on a blog by Jeff Goins. As I flipped through the blog titles one caught my eye: “Are you tired of being spiritual?”

my response: YES! Please, Jeff, let me read your spiritual insight on how to unspiritualize myself!

To me it was profound what I read. He writes ” the word “spiritual” comes from the same word for “breath” in Latin (spiritus)… In other words, to be spiritual is to be breathing. And what’s hard about breathing? I don’t ever get tired of inhaling and exhaling. To be spiritual is to be human, to be alive, to exist.

So actually, according to Jeff, I cannot escape being spiritual!


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