My puppy, Max


Last week Shem and I went for an evening walk. As we went we came across five fluffy little German shepherd puppies that were living inside a tunnel and gutter next to the road. For about 20 minutes we sat there playing with them and talking about how we could carry one home. Because I cannot keep a dog in my room at Mwix and Gideon’s place I was asking/begging Shem to take two so that I could help raise them and we could rescue them from the street. But since it was getting dark and puppy-taking was not in the plan for our walk Shem said that we could stop by tomorrow again and see it they were still there.

That night, as I was thinking more on the dog thing, it entered my head that why not me- why couldn’t I have “my own” puppy but just keep it at another person’s house, if someone was will. So that next day I started telling others about these puppies…and my friend Moses Naftari agreed! We decided then that at 4 pm Moses, Shem, and I  would go to the gutter and Moses would pick one and I would pick one and we would raise the 2 brothers together. Later that day we set out with 2 cardboard boxes. When we got there we found the puppies and lots of kids that had just left school for the day. After asking further it was clear that no one owned the puppies and that they are street dogs, yet surprisingly healthy.

Max and Hunter

So we chose our puppies and headed back to Shem’s place. The puppies were shaking and scared. We found tons of fleas on them and also in some places the fur was falling out. So thorough washing happened that first night plus a big bowl of milk for their bellies. First night was at Shem’s then after that they have slept at Moses’s place and during the day I come to visit them at the shop closeby CTM. Moses has become the puppies’  father for sure… having them on a strict schedule of 2 baths per day, 3 meals per day, reading up on how to train them properly, and even deciding to de-worm them this Saturday! I get the “grandma role” of coming to play with them and feed them treats.

Even I don’t like pets much, people back home who know me know that. But this little guy, Max (Maximus in full), I am telling myself, even willing myself to like him and make him my own. I’ve never had a dog of my own and being in another country can feel lonely sometimes so having a friend that I can call my own, even if he isn’t staying with me all the time, is still a comfort.


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