Funny Birthday Story


So, as you might recall, there is a great birthday tradition  in Kenya  to wash the person who is having a birthday with buckets of water on their special day. The house where I live is a very dangerous place to be on these special days because Mwix (the mom of the house) loves throwing buckets on birthday victims. But guess whose birthday it was this time around? 🙂

Last Saturday after I finished sculpture class Moses, Shem, and I met in town over lunch to talk about how to wash Mwix thoroughly. Our strategy? We station buckets of water at both gate entrances to the house plus one bucket in the middle by the stairs. I lay down on the cement outside the gate of the house and pretend to have fainted. Moses sits by my side fanning me with a book. Shem runs upstairs to Mwix telling her “Kaylie is feeling sick and dizzy and has fainted outside.”

Did it work? Well first she wouldn’t come out and the only witnesses to my fainting were passersby and my little sister Gabi. I tried my hardest ever not to bust out laughing. Finally Mwix came out and then we both got a bucket of water in our face! She was washed properly! After the first bucket I jumped up laughing and Mwix grabs me to use me as a shield against the second and third blow of water! Haha, it was great fun and so far I have been washed on all birthdays- mine, Shem’s and now Mwix’s. Next is Gideon’s!

After the washing we had a party for Mwix with many friends and family who came to celebrate!


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