What a week brings…


A week brings unpredictability, a lot of art, and fun times.

My week always brings Art from Below meetings on Thursday. This time around we decided to do things a bit differently and instead of discussion, for part of our meeting we got paints out and painted glass pieces that can then be used to make a jewelry pendent!

My week brings corky things- like deciding to make green chapati with avocado. Emily said that was such a gross idea and refused to eat them but after we were finished our cooking I convinced her to try and she actually liked them very much 🙂 Next time maybe sweet potato? I can’t just do normal ones.

My week brings my favorite kids in the world- no wait- UNIVERSE! Noodle wind chimes and found-art sculpture collage were two of our latest creations. But I cannot say enough good things about my kids. From when I walk into the slum and they run up to me to greet me, hug me, and carry any bags I have for me; to sweeping the room to prepare for class; to standing up and responding to my good morning greeting with “Good morning teacher Kaylie, and how are you today?”

…my heart beats for these kids.




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