We all deserve Birthday Parties


I just decided that we needed a party, that’s all. I have overlooked recognizing and celebrating the kids birthdays long enough and so this past week we had one big party. I passed a sheet of paper around for them to write their birthdays. One third did not know the day or month of their birth so I explained to those kids that they got the excitingly special job of picking their own birthday- a day where we could celebrate who God made them to be. Many of those kids were smart and picked a day in June so that they get to be celebrated as soon as possible! Haha!

We started off the class as usually- motto, rules, names, good and bad thing in your week, memory verse challenge. Then I had the kids get into 2 groups- the Cheetahs verses the Red Devils! Trivia Game was our first thing. After this came donuts smeared with peanut butter on a string and a no-hands eating contest. That was awesome!

Another highlight was the kid’s very first pinata. I had saved a paper mache balloon after our paper mache mask project and so that day Emily helped me stuff it with lots of candy and tie it high above the kid’s heads. One by one I blindfolded them, spun them around and then gave them a drum stick to hit the thing with. They loved it!

We had chai and chapati for the kids too which was a huge treat and we invited many other children who haven’t been a part of the class to come join us. Then at the very end I told them our party couldn’t be complete without some kind of sculpture since this is sculpture class after all. I pulled out peanut butter, milk powder, honey clay which I had mixed up the night before. I had them sculpt animals with their clay and then in the end we ate our animals!

These kids are so special, I can’t express it enough how dear they are to me. We always have a good time in our class, but this time I was particularly excited just to give them a good time for no other reason than because they are great people. I want to do this every once in a while, to have celebrations just for fun.



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