The Chapo Challenge!


About 2 weeks ago we celebrated Kenya’s independence day, called Madaracka Day. I decided to celebrate in my own unique way and do a fun experiement along Olympic road in Kibera, around where CTM is. With a blue grocery bag, a few shillings, and a perminant marker SHem and I headed out on a mission to find the best chapati along Olympic. We went to 6 different places, bought one chapo at each and labeled it with the name of the place before slipping it into the bag.

Our Candidates: Abondos, Terminus, Bredan, Olympic Hotel, Mama Joni’s, and some hotel that starts with a K but I know where it is.

We took them back to the house and I chopped 2 pieces of each, put them on plates and labeled where each chapati was from on the bottom of the plate right underneath it. Then we tasted… one at a time, taking careful “tasting notes” as we went… which is the softest, tastiest, sweetest chapati on Olympic? Shem and I rated each one and put the six in order from best to worst. We agreed on all except 2 for the final lineup. But we agreed on the top 2…

Best Chapati- Olympic Hotel, Second Best- Brendan

I’d say this experiment was a huge success because the 2 top chapos were from places I’d never eaten before. Plus the answer to this question was pretty important since I am always in Kibera and my favorite food is chapati- so now I know exactly where to go to get the best! Next food contest will be to find the best coconut scone in town…


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