Kenya National Museum and Snake Park


Fridays are my day off so one particular Saturday Shem suggested that we go to the Museum. I said “sawa” and off we went!

Many Stuffed animals. One huge room dedicated to stuffed dead birds… thousands. Nat, maybe if I brought you here we could cure your fear of these fluffy little things!

I made friends with some wooden cut-outs while Shem retaliated against the mosquito that tried to kill him with malaria just the week before. Then we both ran into a mess with a hippo who tried to bite our head off completely… thank goodness I’m a quick thinker and I stuck a spare paintbrush in the big guy’s mouth (just so happened to have one in my purse!) to pry his mouth open and rescue Shem and I, just in the nick-of-time!

Then there was the snake park. Very cool- next time I want to go in the morning and watch them get fed!

The most exciting thing was the elephant that got loose in the museum.


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