Life bound up in Nairobi


Dear Readers, Supporters, Friends,

I’m sorry for the long silence. Mainly this was because I did not have a computer and my time has become increasingly busy or “bound up” in what is happening around me; the activity, exciting opportunities, new relationships. Every day new things come- huge God things that just amaze and astound me. And as my time here increases, my love for this place and for the people equally grows, so that I am even planning to extend my time here in Kenya and only go to visit the US before returning here for another year.

Within a month I will highlight the big things that have happened in my life in order to catch you up.

  • I turned 24 years old
  • CrossChange, a new program underneath CTM which addresses the problem of unemployment in Kibera, asked me to join their team, now as they begin teaching four students from Kibera, and later as we recruit students from the US to join this unique program.
  • Shem and I started dating
  • Rodgers and I begin to work on a new project involving the artists making solar panels in a rented facility and then being able to also use the facility as a space to use for their personal artwork production.
  • I was mugged at gunpoint
  • We held an artist appreciation breakfast at CTM
  • In preparation for the upcoming art camp in Kibera we have received hugely encouraging support from GoDown Arts Center, CTM, Goldmines Foundation, and many individuals, locally and internationally. We have enough funds now to have 125 children and 25 volunteers to participate in a 3 day arts camp! April 21st-23rd!
  • I joined a nearby gym which has helped me to dedicate time in the morning to exercise.
  • I have begun t connect to a girl my age as a prayer partner and am now in search of a mentor as well so that God can use my relationships to speak wisdom to me.
  • My mom arrived into Nairobi last week
  • I was generously given a new computer from friends and family back in the US, thanks Lord!

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