“Nitakuogesha Mtu”


Leading up to my birthday I heard this phrase, “nitakuogesha mtu” increasingly; People telling me “I am going to force someone to take a bath” and that someone was referring to me! The day before my birthday I made a chocolate cake with Samara and Gabi and then the next day I went to church in Mathare where I was able to celebrate with a cake, mandazi, and biscuits that Moses so kindly had bought me to celebrate. We went out for lunch to Ronaldo’s which is a wonderful place to get fish and brown ugali. They must have know it was my brithday there because Ronaldo’s saved me the last coconut fish on the menu.

Afterwards I eventually made my way home to spend the evening with my family. This is when Mwix began trying to convince me to go 2 floors up with her to wacth a short movie in the TV room until dinner was ready. I was completely skeptical and could feel her plotting in her mind how she would dump water on my as is the Kenyan tradition. Yet I deicided to go up anyways since it was hot and getting alittle water splashed on my dress sounded nice. So Mwix and I and the girls and Shem all marched up the steps. However on my way, passing through the balcony to get to the TV, Gideon’s sister, Martha, had strategically placed huge buckets of water on the stone porch so that once I reached the balcony I was cornered. Shem grabed one bucket, Mwix another, and they just heaved these huge buckets right at me! I was expecting a cup of maji, not the whole sufuria! I only stood shocked in my sopping wet clothes for 2 seconds before realizing my new advantage and oppurtunity to return the wet favor. So they all ran and I chased! Two flights down and I had them trapped and gave everyone- Mwix, Martha, Shem, Gabi, Samara, and even went across to see Mwix’s sister Alice – hugging each person till I was satisified that I had gotten them wet.

After changing clothes we sat down to dinner and then cake. The girls helped me blow out my candles and Mwix’s sisters, Alice and Rose, came to take chai and have some cake. Who knows what 24 will bring me- so far it has brought many new and surprising things.


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  1. haha I love this! And what a fun/funny tradition. I can imagine how you were all just laughing away! Glad they showered (haha) you with love on your birthday!

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