Ethiopia is a world of it’s own!


– Coptic is the primary religion and what distinguishes these women is the beautiful white coptic scarves that they drape around themselves with a stip of embroidery on the edges.

  • – Engira and shiro is to Ethiopia as Kenyans have their ugali and sakuma
  • – When I was visiting, the rest of the world was in March while Ethiopia remained in February 2003. They have 13 months, the last month being only one week long.
  • Amharic has it’s own alphabet
  • “Salamne” is the greeting for a guy, “Salamnesh” is for a girl
  • Coffee ceremonies are a daily occurrence in some homes, especially for the older generation, or for visitors. This process of roasting the beans on the jiko, grinding them finely with a pestle, and then brewing about ten spoons of coffee grounds in a small black pot was so fascinating to me. You then pour the coffee way above the teeny tiny cup you drink out of and then add 2-3 spoonfuls of sugar to counter the bitter coffee taste.
  • Cafes and Italian restaurants are everywhere which is a result of just 5 years of Italian colonization. Saying “ciao” for “good-bye” is another way the Italians left their mark.
  • Ethiopian Crosses are these incredibly ornate and decorative crosses, made of wood of metal and each has significant meaning behind the design.
  • The philospohy of food here- “we eat to finish”, became a wonderful and awful thing at the same time since I loved the food but was stuffed by the end of each meal because they would tell me the meal wasnt finished until all the food set before us was gone.
  • Kaldi’s is the Ethiopian Starbucks, only much better
  • Ethiopia is called “the cradle of civilization”
  • Shiro- a powder made of dried, ground chickpeas
  • Berbere- is an Ethiopian spice, a mixture of approximately 17 different spices, mainly chili powder. Injera- is a bread, similar to a large sourdough pancake.
  • Genfo- made similarly to ugali but using barely flour instead of corn flour. Once made you scoop it into a bowl like mashed potatoes and make a well in the middle for a spiced oil/butter/berbere mixture. This can be eaten for breakfast…

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