Crowns of Royalty


     Last Saturday Katherine and Andrea, 2 friends from the states who are visiting this week, came and joined me in my Mathare art class with the kids. My sculpting dough recipe transformed into cornstarch-baking soda clay because the salt dough seems to sink down as it dries and also does not dry as fast as I would prefer. It was great to have my friends there to meet the kids I work with and also participate in the class. They actually took charge of the application portion of the class, and even before we started working with the clay, the girls talked to the kids about their value as an individual and how they were created by the King. They continued the connection by saying that if our Creator is a King that makes us princes and princesses. They talked about 3 points with the children- that our King is our protector, that He is our father, and that He has a good plan for each of our lives. The children paid close attention to the teaching they shared and then afterwards I talked them through the process of making their own unique crown, one that they would want to wear as royalty in the King’s kingdom. We then gave them a variety of colored glitter to decorate the crowns, each color having significant meaning within the discussion. I’d say about 25 percent glitter actually made it onto the crowns… the other 75 sparkled all over the kids, floor and walls! They applied that stuff on themselves like makeup!

This upcoming class will involve Valentines, clay, and lots of LOVE, in light of the upcoming holiday, of course!


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  1. I always knew I should have joined your class. You are doing something that is probably more worthwhile than what I’m doing (haha). Anyways, it is nice to see being united with your girl friends again (albeit briefly).

    Miss you as always,

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