Using Kind Words Wisely


      It pays to be nice. Not that I have an ulterior motive in my kindness, but the truth is that kindness can open doors with people who have the power to slam it in your face. As a communications major, maybe I am even more aware of how I come across to others, and what impact my response can make. We all rely on other people and the sad reality is that sometimes the power to change a situation is held over our heads by another, and directly out of our control.

      This is the gist of a situation I was in recently. As I hoped the situation’s outcome would ultimately help a child with a legitimate need, I was not the one in power, to make the final decision. So what could I do? My answer: be very kind to the person making the decision. Dropping kind words even when, in my heart, I am felt frustrated. I did this because I had my eyes fixed on a goal… to up the chances that the decision made would be in favor of the child I wanted to help.

      Is this wrong to intentionally insert kindness with the sole purpose and intent being to soften a person into favoring what you want to happen? I know this may walk along the ethical line but I think when wisdom is brought into to scenario such as mine, using kindness to sway results that would benefit another, is ok.


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  1. I agree that there is a fine line that you are toeing but I guess it is definitely worth the child you are trying to help.


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