The Kids are in School!


Both of Grace’s children, Meta (9) and Kirk (4), have begun going to new schools just this year! Since their family moved locations before the year was through the kids are having to repeat this year, however they seem to be thrilled with their new classes and the opportunity to go to schools that are at least a bit better than the over-crowded government schools. Kirk started 2 weeks ago at Forresters Academy, a pleasant ten minute walk up the road from their home. Meta just got into school a bit later, but is now going into her second week of classes at Greens Valley Genesis Primary where she will be taking French and Computer classes in addition to others! Both kids seem to really love the schools they’re in.

Kirk, who is normally so attached to his mother, seemed to completely forget to wave goodbye to us as we dropped him off- having fun with his friends. And Meta, racing to catch the van that picks her up at 6:30 every morning, totally forgot to drink her chai and eat her bread in her enthusiasm to prepare for the day.

I couldn't catch a photo of Meta before school but at least got the Greens Valley van before it sped off!

She is diligent with her schoolwork, but amazingly this doesn’t compromise the chores that she does after school- cleaning their little home, cooking, laundry, ect. She is the hardest working 9-year-old I have ever met. Probably too hard-working for her age, but she is so determined and very bright in school that I am just tickled for both of the children to have the opportunity of an education that cannot be taken away. 


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