Machakala Haraka!


Last weekend I went to visit my Tanzania tent-mate in Machakos! She is once again living in Tanzania, which is why it was feasible for me to see her- the ony things missing in her in her new Tanzanian experience is our little tent with the grass-thatched roof and me 🙂

Bethany has dedicated the next three years of her life to live and work among the Wasi people (an unreached people group) with the TIMO missionary training program of AIM. I admire her dedication to learn the language and know the people of this small Muslim culture and the love so evident ask she talks about her longing to see them come to faith in Christ Jesus. For almost 5 months now Bethany has been wearing kangas, covering her beautiful red hair, living with one other girl, 30 minutes away from any other white person, and immersing herself with the menial and exciting aspects of this small and little-known culture.

At the end of a rainbow: there is a little mud hut and a mango tree surrounded by shambas

I was able to spend a whole weekend with my dear friend in Machakos- drinking chai, playing games, eating many mangos, running to “catch” a rainbow and exploring the town. We talk throughout, having to catch up on months of severed communication- swapping stories and experiences, which seem to be very polar opposite in some ways; although people may tend to equate our experiences since we are both in East Africa. Pole sana- this is not the case!


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