New Years Resolutions


This feels a lot vulnerable, not going to lie! New Year’s Resolutions are sometimes personal commitments to me and somthing that I would write in my journal, and not on the web for who-knows-who to see. But my cousin put hers on her blog and so this inspires me to do the same, so here we go…

  • to start painting and drawing again
  • to learn more Swahili
  • to date (ack!), ok maybe just go on dates, not date-date yet, I don’t know why this is such a challenge for me.
  • Be healthy- this is a bit of a challenge right now because I do not have full control over what I am given to eat or at what times of night. So excersize and less starch is my goal!
  • Be intentional about reading the Bible and praying
  • Quit taking myself so seriously.

Astrid and I swapped resolutions perched on top of a hotel balcony, looking over the moonlit ocean to welcome in the New Year.


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