Bush Wedding in Nivasha!


After returning from Zanzibar I had almost completely forgot that I had told my friend Rosie I would go as her date to her friend’s wedding in Nivasha! So the day after I returned to Nairobi I packed a dress for the wedding and a sleeping bag to go camping in the bush with the animals. We drove 2 hours to the game park, seeing zebras, giraffes, many flamingos, and a warthog once inside the park grounds. The wedding was beautiful- under a huge tree in the middle of these grassy plains. After the ceremony we then drove to Crater Lake for chai and cake, where they had a little gazibo floating on the water. Later that night there was a full dinner and funny entertainment, hosted by the bride’s brother. The whole thing was interesting to me, based on the backgrounds of the couple, since the bride’s family is German but having raised their kids in Kenya and the groom is British, raised in South America and then moved to the US… it was quite a cultural melting pot!




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