My favorite “Story Pictures”


Typical reaction many men have to Astrid’s exotic Swiss accent, exuberant manor, and gentle spirit- I was just lucky enough to capture it all in one picture!

There must be a story in this photo; what gets me is the sheer contrast- in age, facial expression, posture, and, of course, activity. The little boy is eager to explore the world, even ahead of his time, while the older man looks quite content just reading about the world.

This little girl really enjoyed her photo being taken as she chewed on her mango. I like these two photos espcially though, because she is not so posed as in some of the others.

This was one proud young mother! She was so happy when I asked (my polite Tanzanian Swahili) if I could take a picture of her beautiful little baby she seemed so please and held the girl higher up, in full view. The face of the mother has a painterly quality to it and reveals affection and love just through the face, which is why I like it so much!

We watched the sunset over the ocean every night. 





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